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          UREC Services

          Mr. Feng Ke met with Minister U Win Khaing, Deputy Minister Dr. Tun...

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          At 8 a.m. on November 2, 2008, the delivery ceremony was grandly he...

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          Vice governor Gu Zhaoxi inspected our boothPresident Zhou of China ...

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          After unremitting efforts, with the support of leaders at all level...

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          1 2017-08-17

          After one and a half years of unremitting efforts, with the support...

          2 2017-07-31
          UREC signed the EPC Contract for the Construction of Quality Edible  ...
          3 2017-07-31
          Mr. Feng Ke , UREC general manager, visited the project site of Thaket...
          4 2017-05-22

          Miaoji hydropower station is located at the upstream of Zoki River,...

          Myogyi Hydropower Station is located at the upriver of Gyogyi, the  b...
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          The handing over ceremony was held at Yangon Railway Station at 8:0...

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          Mr. Guan, Vice President of UREC, signed the project contract with the...
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          The gantry crane with the biggest lifting capacity and the largest  s...
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          The group was founded in 2003



          It has entered the top 500 Chinese enterprises for three consecutive years

          AAAThe rating

          The first credit subject among enterprises in Yunnan Province


          Hundred million+

          Achieve total asset scale in 2020


               Union Resources & Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as UREC) is an international resources integration enterprise, whose primary businesses include international engineering contracting, and import & export of complete equipment. UREC was formerly known as Yunnan Union Resources & Engineering Co., Ltd. which was combined by YMC and YMEC in 2009. In October 2016, UREC was given its current name after Yunnan Provincial Energy investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as YEIG) made a unilateral increase in UREC's capital and shares.

              YEIG, the controlling parent company, has achieved a coordinated parallel development among its five main businesses, including green energy, comprehensive energy, finance, modern logistics and big data, with green energy, modern logistics and digital economy being its core businesses. YEIG has also obtained the corporate credit rating of AAA and the international credit rating of BBB (investment grade), being one of China's top 500 enterprises for years.

               Focusing on international economic and trade cooperation for more than 40 years, UREC has formed its four main businesses, including international energy, international trading, shipbuilding and communication engineering, and strategic cultivation, with offices or branches in Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh, Singapore, Hong Kong (China) and other countries and regions. Up to now, UREC has undertaken the construction of 35 overseas hydropower stations, with a total installed capacity of more than 2,000 MW, and exported nearly 200 ships of various types, more than 100 locomotives and more than 60 complete sets of large-scale hoisting machinery. Besides, UREC has invested in the development of Shweli Hydropower Station and Yangon THAKETA Gas-fired Power Plant in Myanmar.

              As the overseas EPC engineering contracting and investment platform of YEIG, UREC will integrate into the national "Belt and Road" initiative and serve the "radiation center" strategy of Yunnan Province by using the resources advantage and market pro-active advantage in the surrounding South Asian and Southeast Asian countries, so as to become an excellent international energy and economic and trade cooperation service provider in the region

          Organization Chart
          The Company's Performance
          Quality Policy
          Investment And Resources Development
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